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Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2009 by Tim Pritts
Dear Interested Players and Parents,
As you are all aware the game of lacrosse is growing quickly in Atlanta. There is a lot of good that comes from this growth but also some challenges. One of the challenges we face is constant change....it appears that there will once again be some new opportunities for players this summer with newer teams but at the same time, we have also lost a few programs as well.  You need to be selective in terms of what you want out of a summer team and you need to carefully look at what is being offered, what the benefits are for you, what the costs are and what your ultimate goal is in terms of maximizing your summer and growth as a player.  Our team is not for everyone.  The intent of Georgia Select is to compile a team of some of the best players in the area to play against a high level of competition both locally and in the North East (NJ and MD this summer and fall) but we should not be your only lacrosse activity for the summer, we want to be a compliment to other things you do such as individual camps, high school team camps, etc.   The number of events we ultimately commit to this summer and the amount of time that we practice as a team will be dictated by the desires, needs and wants of those ultimately selected.   

For 2010, in additions to several local events we would like to do, we are committed to a tournament in NJ in July and we have been invited to play in a very good recruiting even in MD in the fall.  These 2 events will be our marquee events.  There is a good chance we will add one additional summer travel tournament but that has not been finalized.  Once again, we need to have a highly competitive team to accomplish our goals of competing well and representing our players accordingly. 

As more teams try to lock up players earlier and earlier we are forced to do the same.  I would prefer to wait until the spring to select our team but the reality is that we can't, people need to plan and decide early as to where they want to play.  Therefore, we will start our selection process now - keep in mind that there are no try outs for this team.  Players need to be nominated by their coaches or contact us directly to apply.  We have always had a very good level of interest and many very good players have played for us in the past and had very positive things to say about us, since that is the case we already have a lot of players that have contacted us about next year.  The bottom line is that we can not take everyone that wants to play.  Please be patient in the selection process, each player will be fairly evaluated throughout the process. 

We will make our initial selections in the next few weeks but we will also leave open a few spots to be filled in spring.  In my opinion there are still players who have not had the chance to prove themselves on the Varsity level yet who still may be a good addition to our team based on how they play this spring so a few slots will be held and filled at a later date with either those placed on a waiting list now or new players to be considered at that time.   
Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I wish all of you the best this coming season.
Coach Pritts

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